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1: How a Single DMCA Notice Took Down 1.45 Million Education Blogs

First off today, Jon Brodkin of Ars Technica writes that a DMCA notice on a single file brought down some 1.45 million educational blogs. The conflict started after Pearson, a well-known publishing company, filed a DMCA notice against a questionnaire that had been posted to one of the blogs on the Edublogs service. According to Edublogs’ host, ServerBeach, they contacted the site about removing the file in late September and Edublogs responded promptly and had it pulled. However, a second notice was filed a few days ago because a caching process made the removed file available again. According to ServerBeach, this file was not removed promptly and ServerBeach was left with no choice but to disconnect the entire service as it had no means to remove just the file. ServerBeach, however, has apologized for the incident and said that they are working to to get “Back on the path of customer goodness” with Edublogs. (Hat tip to @StefanDidak)

2: Everything YouTube Gamers Need to Know About Microsoft and EA’s Copyright Update

Next up today, Matthew Manarino of New Media Rockstars writes that video game-centered YouTubers are up at arms as policy shifts by EA and Microsoft threaten their ability to monetize their videos. The two companies both recently updated their content use policies to exclude monetization of their copyrighted works, including gameplay footage. EA has already taken action to disable video monetization on several videos featuring footage from its popular game Battlefield 3. A representative of Microsoft has publicly stated that the changes to its policy’s text do not reflect an actual change in the policy but merely a clarification and that it does not plan on actively targeting those who upload gameplay footage. However, the battles have raised serious questions about the future of gameplay videos on YouTube.

3: Xbox Music Goes Live in 22 Countries Tomorrow

Finally today, Stuart Dredge at Music Ally reports that Microsoft is launching its answer to Sony Music Unlimited in the form of Xbox Music. Though Microsoft’s service won’t initially scan and match local files, as with iTunes Match, it does include free advertising-supported on-demand listening on Windows 8 tablets and computers as well as a paid advertising-free option similar to Spotify. It will also have download-to-own options for those who would rather buy tracks. Xbox Music will also be the default player on Windows 8 computers and is also available on Windows 8 mobile devices and Xbox 360s. iOS and Android support is coming “eventually”.


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