3 Count: Fresco Fracas

3 Count: Fresco Fracas Image

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1: Internet-Famous Octogenarian Ecce Homo “Restorer” Seeks Royalties

First off today, Megan Geuss of Ars Technica reports that Spanish octogenarian Cecillia Giménez, who achieved international fame and meme-status when her attempt to restore a famous mural by painter by Elías García Martínez went horribly awry, is now seeking royalties for use of her creation. Giménez became angered when the sanctuary the painting is in started charging visitors to view the now-popular painting and has sought out an attorney to help her win royalties for her work. However, at this time, Giménez is not seeking royalties for Interent uses of the image, meaning that meme creators are safe for now.

2: Pirate Bay Financier Files For Bankruptcy, Focus Shifts To Peter Sunde

Next up today, Enigmax at Torrentfreak writes that Pirate Bay Financier and businessman Carl Lundström has declared bankruptcy, ending the chances of movie studios and record companies from collecting damages from him. Lundström was one of the four members of The Pirate Bay administration that were placed on trial and found guilty of criminal copyright infringement. In addition to being sentenced to jail terms under a year, they were ordered to pay approximatley 46 million kronor ($7 million) in damages. However, Fredrik Neij was declared bankrupt at the request of a movie studio and, with Lundström filing for bankruptcy himself, the attention now turns to Peter Sunde, the former spokesperson for the site, who previously said that they would never see any money out of him. The fourth member, Gattfrid Svartholm Warg, was recently extradited from Cambodia, where he had been living since before the appeal.

3: Amanda Palmer Agrees to Pay All Guest Musicians…

Finally today, Paul at Digital Music News writes that musician Amanda Palmer has agreed to end her controversial practice of not paying guest musicians on her tour. Palmer, famous as the lead singer of The Dresden Dolls, launched a Kickstarter campaign to a new album, tour and art book. She raised nearly $1.2 million for the project but caused a stir when she put out a call asking for musicians in the various cities to play with her without pay. Palmer has said that she has reversed course on that policy as of three shows ago and is now paying all musicians that perform with her, including the guest ones. Palmer said that her management team “tweaked and reconfigured financials” and pull money away from other areas, mostly video, to have the funds to do pay them.


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