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1: NZ Court Finds Megaupload Search Warrants Illegal

First off today, Reuters is reporting that a New Zealand court has ruled that the the warrants used to search and seize data from Megaupload, as well as arrest its founder Kim Dotcom were too vague and were not valid. The ruling also raises questions about the FBI’s role in the investigation, arrest and subsequent copying of Megaupload data. Dotcom, along with several other employees, were arrested in August for alleged criminal copyright infringement over their Megaupload cyberlocker site. Dotcom is facing an extradition hearing in August that he is challenging in hopes that he will not be forced to face charges in the United States.

2: U.K. to Repeal ‘SOPA-Like’ Site-Blocking

Next up today, Zack Whittaker at CNet writes that the UK is set to repeal a controversial “SOPA-like” site blocking provision in the Digital Economy Act. The provisions would have allowed the government to seek orders against ISPs requiring them to block certain sites. However, the death of the sections does not mean the end of site blocking in the UK, instead, it means that site blocking will continue as is, with copyright holders obtaining court orders requiring ISPs to block certain sites.

3: WIPO Signs New Treaty for Cross Platform Performers

Finally today, Natalie Apostolou at The Register writes that the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has signed a new copyright-related treaty that aims to give greater protections to performers in audiovisual works. The treaty would allow such performers to share revenues with producers, be granted larger copyright control in their works and also moral rights to protect against distortions of them. The treaty concludes some 12 years of negotiations and is now set to be ratified by the over 130 member states that signed it. It will come into force once it is ratified by 30 of the member states.


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