3 Count: Out of Tune

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1: EMI Says Bankruptcy Won’t Protect MP3tunes from Copyright Suit

First off today, Greg Sandoval at CNet reports that MP3Tunes, a music storage service that let users access and stream songs via the Web, has declared bankruptcy. However, the music label EMI has said that the filing will not affect their ongoing copyright infringement lawsuit and they are skeptical of MP3Tunes’ claim that it was the lawsuit that put them out of business. The lawsuit was filed in 2007 when EMI accused MP3Tunes of encouraging copyright infringement by letting users load songs into their lockers from unauthroized sources via Sideload.com. EMI sued both MP3Tunes and the company’s founder, Michael Robertson, who was named in the case personally.

2: TV Broadcasters Warn of Huge Industry Shakeup If Barry Diller’s Aereo Isn’t Stopped

Next up today, Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter writes that representatives for the major television networks have banded together and told a Federal Court judge that the new TV streaming service Aereo would be very disruptive to their own models for delivering content. Aereo, which works by having consumers “rent” a small antenna to capture over the air broadcasts and stream them to users via the Web. According to the TV networks, if Aereo is allowed to continue, cable providers could use the same system to avoid paying for broadcasts of TV networks.

3: German Celebs Fire at Pirates Over Copyright

Finally today, The Local in Germany reports that some 100 artists and celebrities have signed a letter attacking the local Pirate Party and the other political parties that have sided with them. The letter, which will be published in the weekend paper Die Zeit decries efforts to weaken copyright on the Web, saying that copyright is a “historically won civil right”. The Pirate Party has one several victories in local elections and seems to be making inroads on a national level as well.


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