3 Count: My Dear Watson

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1: Stop Making Music Copyright Demands, Broadcasters Told

First off today, a complaint to the EU competition authorities made by the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) claims that broadcasters across the bloc have forced and coerced composers to give up their copyright interest in their creations for fear of either being denied work or being blacklisted. Calling the methods “coercive” and “malignant” the ECSA is asking the EU to formally investigate the matter and take action to prevent broadcasters, including TV and radio networks, form making such demands in the future. The networks did not have comment on the story at this time.

2: Sherlock confirms that ‘Irish SOPA’ has been signed into law

Next up today, Ireland’s Minister for Research and Innovation, Sean Sherlock, has announced that the controversial SOPA-like proposal has been signed into law. The bill, which will enable copyright holders to seek injunctions against ISPs to block access to infringing material, is designed to bring Irish law up to speed with broader EU law on the subject. However, a petition protesting the proposal obtained some 80,000 signatures. Sherlock also announced his next phase in copyright reform, which will be to review copyright law with the aim of “removing barriers to innovation” saying that he is open to the idea of changing existing Irish law.

3: Show Skirts Copyright with Female Dr Watson

Finally today, in the U.S. CBS is preparing to launch a new series entitled “Elementary” which focuses on a contemporary Sherlock Holmes character. However, in the UK, the BBC had threatened legal action if the series had infringed on the copyrights of their hit take on the famous detective, in a series entitled “Sherlock”. To help avoid any copyright issues, CBS has made some changes, including flipping the gender of Holmes’ famous sidekick, Dr. John Watson. Watson, who will be called Dr. Joan Watson, will be played by Lucy Liu. The move has already drawn controversy and ire from fans of the Holmes stories.


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