3 Count: Bad Takedown

3 Count: Bad Takedown Image

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1: Yahoo! Counter-sues SPH in Copyright Lawsuit

First off today, U.S. search engine Yahoo! has filed a counter-suit against Singapore publisher SPH. SPH had previously sued Yahoo over some 23 articles that it claims were reproduced substantially on Yahoo!’s sites. However, Yahoo! has now countered saying that the amount copied only extends as far as facts and information, which are not copyrightable, but also cited two articles and an image that appeared on an SPH citizen journalism site though they originated from Yahoo!. Yahoo! also said that the two sides tried to work out a licensing agreement in 2009 but were unable to come to an agreement.

2: File-Sharing Company Sues Record Label, for a Change

Next up today, Megaupload has filed a lawsuit against Universal Music claiming that the record label filed unlawful takedowns of a music video posted to YouTube by the cyberlocker service. The video, which had several big name artists coming out in support of the controversial service. However, Will.i.am, one of the artists in the video, claims he didn’t give his authorization to appear and Universal claims to have filed the takedown over the unauthorized reproduction of a performance by one of their artists, likely Will.i.am. However, Megaupload claims to have gotten releases from all of the artists involved and is seeking damages from Universal over the takedown.

3: YouTube Pulls Official The Last of Us Trailer Due to ‘Copyright Claim’

Finally today, in another case of a questionable YouTube DMCA takedown, the official trailer for the upcoming game “Last of Us” was taken down due to a copyright complaint, even though it was uploaded by Sony. However, even though the takedown was reportedly from Viacom, it appears that it may have been a mistake from Sony who, after being notified of the issue, apologized for it and had the video restored. No word if it was Sony who filed the takedown and, if so, why Viacom was listed as the filer.


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