3 Count: Squirrel Nuts

3 Count: Squirrel Nuts Image

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1: Austin Photographer Sues Apple, Saying Apps Stole Her Images

First off today, photographer Shanti Deva Korpi is suing Apple claiming that two apps sold in their App Store, the Unofficial Guide to Hipstamatic and Photoinspire, copied images she took and republished them without attribution. According to the complaint, Korpi uses another iPhone app, Hipstamatic to take photos but claims that the two apps above automatically copied and republished her images. Further, according to Kropi, Apple ignored at least six takedown notices regarding the apps, though Photoinspire was eventually removed. The suit seeks unspecified damages.

2: Shah Rukh Khan Film Ra.One Faces Copyright Challenge

Next up today, in India a court has ordered Bollywood star Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan to put down a deposit of $200,000 to secure the rights to release his new movie, Ra.One. The move comes after a writer, Yash Patnaik, claims he came up with the concept for the movie and is now owed 10% of the royalties. According to Patnaik’s attorney, he worked with the films screenwriter, Mushtaq Sheikh, only to be cut out at the end. However, Khan and his studio deny these charges, claiming that the story described by Patnaik is very different.

3: Lack of Copyright Allows Vendors to Cash in on Rally Squirrel

Finally today, as the St. Louis Cardinals are playing in the World Series against the Texas Rangers, St. Louis vendors are getting an unlikely boost from a rodent. During the division playoffs against the Philadelphia Phillies, a squirrel ran across the field in both games 2 and 3, the squirrel(s) became known as “The Rally Squirrel” and has been featured on everything from t-shirts to caps. For vendors this has been a boon as the lack of copyright and/or trademark on the squirrel means that they can sell products without a license, so long as they don’t include footage from the games or logos for the team. The squirrel itself remains at larger.


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