3 Count: $1 Billion Appeal

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1: Monster YouTube-Viacom Copyright Battle Is Back

First off today, the three sides involved in the Viacom v. Youtube case will soon be before the 2nd Circuit of Appeals. Viacom, The English Premier League and YouTube will each have 45 minutes to make their case before the court. The lawsuit stems from a 2007 filing by Viacom, which the English Premier League and others were joined into, in which the media giant sued YouTube and its new owner Google for $1 billion for alleged copyright infringement during its early years. However, a judge in the lower court tossed the case, saying that YouTube qualified for safe harbor protections as a host. Viacom is hoping to have that ruling overturned so it can move forward with its lawsuit.

2: Bachmann Joins Voices Questioning Online Copyright Bill

Next up today, Republican Presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann has come out against the PROTECT IP act, which would, among other things, require ISPs to block sites that are deemed to be copyright infringement, Bachmann is concerned that the government would be interfering with the Web and could use it as a tool of censorship. Bachmann joins the Tea Party Patriots, as well as many groups on the left, in her opposition to the bill.

3: Screenwriter Claims Copyright Infringement In ‘Hangover Part II’ Lawsuit

Finally today, the Warner Brothers comedy “The Hnagover Part 2” has been hit with another copyright infringement lawsuit. This one is by screenwriter Michael Alan Rubin, who claims the film copies elements from his script, “Mickey and Kirin”. According to Rubin, his script is based on events from his own life, prompting him to also sue for defamation, fraud and other charges. The producers of the film had previously settled a lawsuit with the tattoo artist that made Mike Tyson’s face tattoo, which was featured prominently in the movie and replicated on one of the main characters.


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