3 Count: Unveiled Threat

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1: Newzbin2 Threatens to Nuke BT’s Filters if Blocked

First off today, UK ISP BT, which recently lost a lawsuit filed by the MPA to that attempts to force them to block the alleged pirate Newzbin2, has now been threatened by Newzbin2, which claims it will sabotage the ISPs filters if it is blocked. BT, which uses the Cleanfeed filtering system, though primarily to block child pornography, has responded saying that it was “appalled” at the threat. It is unclear how Newzbin2 plans on sabotaging the filtering system.

2: Digital Economy Act: A Foregone Conclusion?

Next up today, newly released documents show that Lord Mandelson, the UK Secretary of State (SoS) for Business during the debate about the Digital Economy Act, actually made up his mind about the act as early as July 2009. His decision was apparently made after a series of meetings with the head of Universal Music, Lucian Grainge. What’s unusual about this is that this was in the middle of a period of public comment on the Act, with two more months to go. This has given many the feeling that the public comment on the act was purely for show, especially since the government was already looking into technical measures to enact the bill as early as July and August 2009.

3: GoDaddy Wants to “Do the Right Thing” with Former White House Advisor

Finally today, domain registrar and host GoDaddy has hired former White House advisor Andrew Kline as its Deputy General Counsel for Global Policy. Kline has said he is joining the company to help it “do the right thing” especially on matters such as fake pharmacies and copyright infringement. Kline, under the Obama administration, served as Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor in the Office of U.S. Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement.


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