3 Count: Facebook Facepalm

3 Count: Facebook Facepalm Image

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1: Facebook Takedown Followup: What Happened, and What Facebook Needs to Fix

First off today, Ars Technica recently had its Facebook fan page suspended after a false DMCA takedown notice was filed with Facebook, prompting them to close the page. After about 24 hours of publicity on the issue was well as back and forth with Facebook, Ars was able to get its Facebook page restored but, during the incident, other horror stories about fan pages and Facebook accounts lost to such notices began to emerge. This, in turn, prompted Facebook to promise and review its policies and make needed adjustments moving forward.

2: US Govt. Uses Seized Domains for Anti-Piracy Video

Next up today, the U.S. government is launching a new anti-piracy campaign and is using the domains for former pirate sites to do it. According to reports, some 65 of the domains seized in recent Department of Justice and Immigration and Customs Enforcement actions did not receive appeals before the deadlines and, as such, are now property of the U.S. government. The government, in turn, is using the domains to spread a viral video on the topic of piracy and hosting other anti-piracy information. The other fifteen domains seized as part of “Operation In Our Sites” have been appealed and that process is ongoing.

3: Mike Tyson-Like Tattoo in Movie Prompts Suit

Finally today, S. Victor Whitmill, the tattoo artist who drew the famous face tattoo on Mike Tyson, is suing Warner Brothers after a similar tattoo appeared on the face of Ed Helms’ character in the upcoming movie “The Hangover 2”. Whitmill is seeking to bar the studio from using the tattoo in their advertisements and in the movie itself as well as damages. The movie debuts in theaters May 26.


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