3 Count: Maybe Rogue-ish

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1: US Lawmakers Renew Push for “Rogue Websites” Bill

First off today, a bipartisan group from both chambers of Congress have announced that they are renewing their push for legislation to enable the blocking and banning of so-called “rogue” websites that are for the purpose of infringing copyright. COICA, as it was known last year, did not receive a full vote before the Senate, despite sailing unopposed through committees. However, a new version is expected to be introduced shortly in both chambers.

2: Google boots Grooveshark from Android Market

Next up today, Google has booted the Grooveshark app out of the Android Marketplace citing copyright concerns. Grooveshark works by having users upload their music to the service and have others stream the content. Though Grooveshark has struck deals with at least one record label, EMI, others are currently suing the company, including Universal, claiming that the service is infringing. Apple had previously removed the iPhone version of the app out of its App Store in August of last year, forcing iPhone users to jailbreak their phone to use the app if they wanted it.

3: Baidu to Launch Licensed Music Service in May

Finally today, China’s largest search engine, Baidu, has announced that it will be working with record labels to launch a licensed music service. Currently named Baidu Ting, the new service will allow users to stream and download licensed music directly from Baidu. The move comes as authors have ramped up a campaign against Baidu’s digital document service, seeing Baidu make concessions there on the issue of copyright. Baidu has said that it is in talks with the major international record labels to try and work out deals with them for the service, however, those record labels have repeatedly taken Baidu to court over its MP3 search service, which allows users to easily find and download pirated music files.


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