3 Count: Australia Day

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1: IIA to Develop Copyright Guide for Courts

First off today, following the dismissal of AFACT’s appeal against Australian ISP iiNet, the Internet Industry Association (IIA) has fast-tracked development of an industry code for dealing with copyright-related issues, including what actions ISPs should take in response to infringement. In the lawsuit, AFACT, which represents a variety of copyright holders in Australia, sued iiNet saying it was not doing enough to prevent infringement over its service. The court ruled iiNet had complied with the law, but laid out a groundwork for how ISPs like iiNet could be found infringing in the future. In response to that, the IIA is forming its code, which it hopes courts will consider in future cases.

2: Son of ACTA: Meet the Next Secret Copyright Treaty

Next up today, even as the United States and other countries attempt to get final ratification of the controversial ACTA treaty, another, similar treaty is already being pushed in countries like Australia, Brunei, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. According to a leaked draft, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has provisions very similar to the DMCA in the U.S., including ISP liabiility, anti-circumvention and more. The treaty has been in drafting phase for some time though yesterday’s alleged leak is the first public look at the treaty.

3: Street Artist Thierry Guetta Faces Copyright Infringement Suit

Finally today, Los Angeles street artist Thierry Guetta, best known for being featured in the movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and goes by the name “Mr. Brainwash”, is being sued for copyright infringement. According to the suit, which was filed by photographer Glen Friedman, Guetta improperly used a photo of the band Run-DMC in various pieces of artwork. Guetta, who used likenesses of the photograph in various pieces, claims that his work is protected by fair use and is preparing to fight the case.


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