3 Count: SAPpy Moments

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1: SAP to Challenge $1.3B Award to Oracle in Copyright Case

First off today, SAP, which was recently slapped with a $1.3 billion copyright judgement in its case against Oracle, has announced, somewhat predictably, that it will file motions to seek a reduction in the judgement. The case stems from misuse by a now-closed SAP subsidiary, TomorrowNow, which SAP admits illegally downloaded and copied Oracle’s files. However, SAP sharply disagrees on the amount of damages that it should have to pay, calling the award “disproportionate and wrong”.

2: ACS:Law and MediaCAT Completely Shut Down Both Their Businesses

Next up today mass copyright litigator ACS:Law and it’s last client, MediaCAT, have announced that they are both closing up shop. ACS:Law was a UK law firm specializing in mass piracy litigation, where it would sue unnamed defendants and then, once learning their identity, send demand letters to them. MediaCAT, which represented copyright holders in these suits and used ACS:Law for its litigation, has also announced that it is ceasing operations. This brings at least a temporary end to the mass litigation tactics in the UK and comes after a series of court rulings against ACS:Law in recent weeks and ahead of a pending ethics hearing before a regulatory committee.

3: Free Music Can Pay as Well as Paid Music, YouTube Says

Finally today, YouTube has said that, though free music may not pay as much per play or interaction as paid services, they can easily compete with paid offerings through the sheer scale of the views they can accrue. According to the site, which partners with major record labels to distribute their music and music videos, many of those major partners are earning millions every month in revenue sharing arrangements. This could mean a renewed push for services like Spotify, which aim to stream music for free using an ad-supported model.


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