3 Count: Surrender Pirates

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1: Movie Studio Tells BitTorrent Users: Turn Yourselves In!

First off today, Corbin Fisher, the gay porn company that has targeted alleged file sharers with litigation, has decided to offer a 14-day amnesty period for file sharers to turn themselves in and settle their cases. However, it isn’t a free amnesty offer, rather, the company is demanding each person seeking amnesty pay $1,000 for their actions, though the money will also get them a 1-year membership to two of the company’s sites. This announcement comes shortly after the company’s parent, Liberty Media, filed suit against Hotfile and some 1,000 of its users for copyright infringement.

2: Better Watch the Paris Hilton Sex Tape on the Internet Now, While it’s Still Free

Next up today, XPays, the company who holds the right in the famous Paris Hilton sex tape, “1 Night in Paris”, has filed a lawsuit against some 843 “Doe” defendants in a Los Angeles Court. The company is claiming the film has been unlawfully distributed via bittorrent and is seeking damages from the defendants, which it hopes to identify via subpoena. The lawsuit also makes the claim that bittorrent makes it possible to distribute pornographic material without age verification, though it doesn’t appear to be part of the lawsuit itself.

3: British Photographer Sued for Jokey Che ‘Growler’ Image

Finally today, in this 3 Count’s only non-porn story, Diana Lopez Korda, the daughter of the late Alberto Korda, who took the iconic “Che Guevara” image, is suing British artist Kate Polyblank claiming that a parody image she created, which replaces Guevara’s face with that of a dog. Polybank’s image, which was based on a photo of a friend’s pet taken by her husband, is part of her “famous faces” series, which, edits of photos of pets to make them look like celebrities. The lawsuit was filed in France, despite none of the parties being French, which will force Polybank to spend up to €12,000 to try and fight the claim.


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