3 Count: Double Dutch

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1: Anonymous’ Operation Payback IRC Operator Arrested

First off today, the operator behind Anonymous’ “Operation Payback” IRC chatroom has been arrested in the Netherlands. The room was the home base and synchronization tool for the DDOS attacks against both the various pro-copyright entities targeted in November and many of the organizations caught up in the Wikileaks scandal. The suspect, a 16-year-old who went by the name Jeroenz0r, was arrested in The Hague and his server went offline Thursday night. However, the DDOS attacks seem to be continuing as now the Dutch Prosecution Office appears to have been shut down briefly but is now back online.

2: Copyright Troll Righthaven Sues for Control of Drudge Report Domain

Next up today, Righthaven, the group that historically has sued websites for reusing content from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of its newest client, the newspaper chain MediaNews. However, the lawsuit is attracting a lot of attention as they have sued the Drudge Report for reposting an image of a TSA patdown that was originally from The Denver Post. The lawsuit also accuses the Drudge Report of libel for linking to a section of the Las Vegas Review-Journal site with the words “VEGAS CONFIDENTIAL”. The suit is seeking damages, costs and an injunction to transfer the Drudge Report’s domain to the site.

3: Mininova Pays Settlement to BREIN to End BitTorrent Lawsuit

Finally today, the lawsuit between the Bittorrent search engine Mininova and the Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN is over. Mininova has paid a settlement to BREIN and dropped its appeal in the case, bringing the matter to a conclusion. A previous court ruling had already found out that Mininova to be liable for infringing torrents available on its service and ordered it to filter out such files. However, Mininova responded by clearing out their database and only accepting files from authorized sources. This settlement not only ends the lawsuit, but also ends the chance that Mininova will return in its original form.


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