3 Count: Anonymous Probe

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1: FBI Probes 4chan’s ‘Anonymous’ DDoS Attacks

First off today, even as Anonymous has announced it is winding down its campaign of DDOS attacks against various pro-copyright organizations and sites, the FBI appears to be getting involved and is working with many of the targets of the attacks to perform a more thorough investigation. The last site attacked was the U.S. Copyright Office, an official U.S. government site that was briefly taken offline and slowed severely by the attack. The FBI investigation, however, appears to have started before that attack. There is no word on the progress of the investigation but participating in a DDOS attack can come with fines and imprisonment if found guilty.

2: High Court to probe Digital Economy Act

Next up today, the High Court in the UK has agreed to a request by British ISPs BT and TalkTalk to review the Digital Economy Act following their complaint that the legislation was rushed through Parliament and has several key flaws. Though the act remains in effect pending the full hearing, it could mean the end of the act if the court rules in favor of the ISPs, possibly restarting the entire process of negotiation between ISPs, copyright holders and the UK government.

3: Porn Industry Lawyer Is New Copyright King With 16,700 Lawsuits Filed

Finally today, we have a new leader in the race to see who can file the most copyright lawsuits. West Virginia attorney Kennth Ford has sued over 16,000 suspected file sharers over the past two weeks, leapfrogging the U.S. Copyright Group in the number of lawsuits. Operating under the name Adult Copyright Company, Ford represents various porn producers in targeting suspected file sharers. Ford uses the method adopted by the U.S. Copyright Group and others of suing suspected infringers in large numbers, obtaining their information and then seeking settlements that it shares with clients.


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