3 Count: Mulve No More

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1: Police Arrest Operator of Mulve Downloading App

First off today the music downloading application Mulve, which appeared on the scene last month too much fanfare, has been closed for good. The app, which stopped working twice before, once due to capacity problems and once due to a takedown notice by the RIAA, has shut down forever after Mulve’s creator, or at least the person who made the video for it, was arrested by police in the UK. The creator responded saying that he doesn’t wish to fight this and that the project was intended to be “a little bit of fun”.

2: Copyright Abuse in Ohio Governor Election

Next up today the Ohio Democratic Party and Congressman John Kasich are locked in a copyright dispute over a pair of commercials. Kasich released a commercial with a steelworker talking about his opponent, Governor Ted Strickland, and his policies. However, when it turned out the steelworker was really an actor hired for the commercial, the Democratic Party released a commercial highlighting that fact, playing a few seconds of the original work. Kasich’s campaign has filed a takedown notice with YouTube, getting the second video removed for at least 10 days in the run up to the November election. The video currently remains on Vimeo and there is no word if a counter-notice has been filed.

3: MPAA Talks to Copygrounds About P2P File Sharing and Copyright

Finally today, Fritz Attaway and Craig Hoffman, two of the MPAA’s top men, sat down for an interview with Copygrounds where they said that they understand piracy will always be a problem but that the goals of their anti-piracy efforts are not to completely stamp out piracy, but rather, to “keep it under a reasonable level of control where we can make enough revenue in a legitimate market to recoup expenses and continue to make new movies.” They are optimistic about their ability to do this and said that they are exploring new business models to push consumers into more legitimate channels.


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