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1: EU Releases Text of Secretive ACTA Copyright Treaty

First off today, the EU has released the final draft of the controversial ACTA treaty. The treaty, which was negotiated by the U.S., Japan and the EU among others and includes several steps designed to reduce piracy, including enforcement of copyrighted works at borders. One controversial paragraph which instructs signing nations to provide laws that let rights holders demand information from ISPs remains in this draft, as does a portion that may open the door for “three strikes” legislation, which would disconnect alleged file sharers after two warnings, though the treaty only calls for nations to follow best practices in this area.

2: Google Denies Oracle’s Android Copyright Complaint

Next up today, Google has responded to Oracle’s lawsuit against them regarding Java’s implementation in their Android operating system. Google’s response, which denies Google has infringed on any code owned by Oracle, also says that the complaint is too vague and does not meet the standards as a petition before the court. As such, Google is requesting that the lawsuit be tossed out. Google also added that Android is an open source operating system, meaning all the code and documentation has been available for some time.

3: KISS Frontman on P2P: “Sue Everybody. Take their Homes, Their Cars.”

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons was at the MIPCOM convention in Cannes, France where he encouraged aspiring musicians to “Be litigious. Sue everybody.” to protect their brand. He said that also goes for file sharers and said that the music industry was “asleep at the wheel” and lacked the courage to sue everyone who downloaded music illegally. Needless to say, his comments have not played very well with many in copyright circles who regard the RIAA’s litigation campaign as a mistake.


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