3 Count: Pirate Raid

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1: Police in File-Sharing Raids Across Europe, WikiLeaks Host Targeted

First off today, police in up to 14 countries have launched raids against ISPs hosting so-called “Scene” warez” sites that specialize in swapping content not yet available on the wider piracy networks. Among the hosts targeted was the Swedish host that is home to both The Pirate Bay and Wikileaks though both of those sites seem to be up as of this writing (however, access to The Pirate Bay has been slow and intermittent). Police have confirmed that Wikileaks was not the target and, instead, the raids are aimed at the sites at the top of the “piracy pyramid” as many of the movies and applications leaked to larger file sharing sites first come from specialized “scene” sites. This is an ongoing news story and will likely be updated many times during the day.

2: Leaked ACTA Draft Removes Threat to ISPs

Next up today, a new version of the controversial ACTA treaty has been leaked and gone is the portion of the treaty that would have put a burden on ISPs to take action against file sharers and other copyright infringers. In its place is a suggestion that commercial entities, ISPs and governments cooperate on such issues. However, the treaty still contains very strong protection against the breaking of digital locks (or DRM) and may go beyond even U.S. law in this area. The latest round of negotiations concluded in late August and the treaty is expected to be signed by the end of this month.

3: Court Finds No Copyright in Headlines

Finally today, in a case that’s good news for the 3 Count, a judge in Australia has ruled against Fairfax in its case against Reed International. Fairfax had sued Reed claiming that Reed had infringed its copyright by reproducing headlines and summaries of articles however, the judge ruled that Fairfax failed to show that copyright could subsist in either of the items, thus throwing out the case. Fairfax is considering an appeal.


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