3 Count: Back to College

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1: RIAA Outraged by YouTube-Viacom Decision

First off today, in a move that will likely surprise no one, the RIAA is upset about the recent ruling in the Viacom v. YouTube case, which found that the video sharing site was protected by DMCA safe harbors and not liable for copyright infringement. In a blog post on the topic, RIAA President said, Cary Sherman “We need businesses to be more proactive in addressing infringement, not less.” The RIAA is, much like Viacom, hoping that the Appeals Court will reverse the summary judgment dismissing the case.

2: New Rules Bring Online Piracy Fight To US Campuses

Next up today, July 1st marked the first day in which a critical provision of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 went into effect. This provision makes colleges more responsible for taking steps to prevent illegal file sharing on their campuses lest they lose Federal funding. Some colleges are blocking P2P services altogether while others are issuing warnings and launching education campaigns. The law requires colleges to take one “technological” measure to prevent file sharing but gives a great deal of leeway in determining what that can be.

3: Officials: Ukraine Needs to Raise Awareness of its Copyright Laws

Finally today, officials in Ukraine say that the country has a copyright problem, but not one related to the law itself. Rather, the issue is that even law professors within the country are unaware of what the law actually says. According to Mykola Paladiy, head of the Intellectual Property Department at the Education and Science Ministry, nearly all law professors in the country would fail a basic copyright exam and needs to do more to educate lawyers, judges and other officials on the law in the books, which complies with some 23 international agreements.


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