3 Count: Chile’s Changes

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1: New Copyright Law in Chile

First off today, Chile has announced the largest reforms to its copyright law since it was revised in 1970. The new revisions include three changes, the first expands fair use and other copyright exemptions, the second element expands the penalties for copyright infringement, up to $140,000 US fine for repeat infringers, and the third carves our safe harbors for ISPs though the report is vague on how ISPs are able to obtain such safe harbors. More on this likely to come.

2: Canada still bad boy of piracy: IFPI

Next up today, in another part of the IFPI report we covered yesterday, where it was highlighted that the music industry grew in many markets, the IFPI repeated its cries against Canada calling it “a major source of the world’s piracy problem” pointing out that the country has not signed or enacted various treaties that are decades old and, according the IFPI, the country hosts a “disproportionate” amount of piracy sites.

3: Copyright drama over Housefull

Finally today, in India, the long-awaited release of the movie “Housefall” may be in some trouble as a court order questioning the film’s use of the song “Apni Toh Jaise Taise”, performed by the duo Kalyanji-Anandji, and Puneet Mehra, claiming that the song was not properly licensed. The order came mere days before the movie was due to be released (today) and the artists behind the song are now seeking a restraining order barring the use of the song in the film.


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