3 Count: Bucking Trends

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1: Appeals Court Upholds Ruling in Seinfeld Cookbook Case

First off today, Jessica Seinfeld, the wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, has won her copyright case against a fellow cookbook author, Missy Chase Lapine. Lapine sued Jessica Seinfeld after she published a cookbook entitled “Deceptively Delicious” that Lapine claimed was an infringement of her earlier work,”The Sneaky Chef” as both had recipes for slipping vegetables into children’s food. The Appeals court ruled that the lower court was correct in saying that idea was not copyrightable. However, a defamation case against Jerry Seinfeld over comments said on a late night television show is still pending.

2: Google Wins ‘Thumbnail’ Images Ruling in German Court

Next up today, Google won a major case in Germany, where the country’s highest civil court found that Google’s use of thumbnails in its image search results, was permissible under copyright law. According to the court, when webmasters publish images to their site without technological mechanisms to prevent indexing, they are giving an implied license to have the content used in that way. This follows two lower courts said much the same and similar verdicts in the U.S.

3: Piracy Problems? Music Industry Grew in 13 Markets in 2009

Finally today, a study put forth by the IFPI shows that the music industry actually bucked the trend and grew 13 markets, including in Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Sweden, the UK, and Brazil. This includes countries, such as Sweden and the UK, where strong new enforcement rules were passed but also countries like Australia, where piracy enforcement has suffered setbacks.


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