3 Count: Wellington Declaration

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1: Thousands Condemn Secrecy of Internet Copyright Talks

First off today, as of this writing over 7000 people have signed an online petition protesting the secrecy surrounding the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). This comes as the next round of talks for the treaty are underway in New Zealand. The controversial agreement, the only details of which are available due to leaks, may include elements such as three strikes enforcement, which would disconnect alleged file sharers after two warnings, and other controversial provisions.

2: Frankie Valli Sues Former ‘Jersey Boys’ for Copyright Infringement

Next up today, singer Frankie Valli has sued six cast members from the touring stage show “Jersey Boys” claiming that the group behind the show stole his songs and elements of his stage show to make an imitation of it. Valli and his fellow plaintiffs want $150,000 for each of 10 Four Seasons songs performed in the show as well as other damages.

3: How File-Sharers Will Bypass UK’s Anti-Piracy Act

Finally today, Torrentfreak has a list of potential options for hardcore British file sharers to avoid persecution under the Digital Economy Bill in the UK. The suggestions include using a VPN to disguise traffic, not using torrent trackers and simply not uploading content.


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