Updating “Stopping Internet Plagiarism” Part 1

The “Stopping Internet Plagiarism” section of this site has been a cornerstone of it since day one. It’s the part of the site that explains, to newcomers and veterans alike, how to find and stop misuse of one’s content.

However, the section has become woefully neglected over the years and that has led to a lot of decay in the quality of that part of the site.

Some of the problems have been purely aesthetic, as style guidelines on PT changed that section was not updated, but much of it is factual due to new services coming online and old ones dying off.

I’ve finally decided to go through and overhaul the section. Both bring it up to the style codes of the rest of the site but also update the language and information. I’m doing the entire section in two parts split over two weeks.

Today I’m proud to announce that the first part of this process is done. The main Stopping Internet Plagiarism page has been overhauled completely and the How to Find Plagiarism, Contacting a Plagiarist and Finding the Host have also been updated.

I wouldn’t call these updates a complete rewrite, much of the original text is still there, but I’ve updated the styles, added new images, removed outdated elements and added in new ones as needed.

The changes included in this update are:

  1. Complete rewrite of main “Stopping Internet Plagiarism” page to act as a link list to the other sections.
  2. Added Plagium, FairShare and Tineye mentions to the “How to Find Plagiarism” page.
  3. Changed language in the “Contacing the Plagiarist” page and included a direct link to this site’s stock letters.
  4. Added WhoIsHostingThis and updated images in the “Finding the Host” page.
  5. Edited for styling and added images to every page.

Next week I plan on updating the remaining three pages in the section, all of which should require much less work, and that should bring the entire section up to code.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts of suggestions for this section as these pages are easily among the most popular on the site and I want to make sure they are some of the best Plagiarism Today has to offer.

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