Free Copyright Webcast March 30

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This is just a note that in one week, on March 30th, I’ll be giving a Webcast entitled “. The presentation should last about one hour, including at least some question and answer, and will begin at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET.

The webcast is sponsored by Digimarc and will focus on the basics of copyright and copyright enforcement on the Web. Specifically, the following areas will be covered.

  1. Who should copyright their work;
  2. What a copyright protects;
  3. Where do you register your copyright;
  4. When you post your work online, the dangers you should be aware of;
  5. Why you should follow good licensing practices; and
  6. How you should respond to infringers

Free Copyright Webcast March 30 Image

For those who are long-time readers of the site, you will likely find the topic to be a bit elementary. But new readers or those wanting a refresher on these issues might be interested in signing up.

Admission is free and unlimited, one simply has to fill out the form to sign up. Registration is, to my knowledge, unlimited so there is no need to worry about taking a space from someone else.

I hope to see many of you there and look forward to talking with you as well others who show up about these very important issues.

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