3 Count: Deja Vued

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1: Crown Copyright switches to Creative Commons

First off today, the UK Crown Copyright, which holds copyright in all works created by the government, has phased out a click-use license, which allowed anyone to use the content if they agreed to a set of terms, to a Creative Commons-compatible one. The license, which is compatible with the CC-BY license has still drawn some controversy as many want to see it placed under CC Zero, effectively public domain, which would bring it more in line with the United States.

2: Avatar Studio Says it Will Win Copyright Lawsuit Against B.C. Man

Next up today we have what many will think to be a repeat of yesterday’s story about a Chinese author suing James Cameron over Avatar, but today it’s a British Columbia man named Emil Malak who is doing the suing. According to Malak, the movie bears a strong resemblance to “Terra Incognita”, a screenplay he wrote in 1998.

3: Music Industry Failing to Promote Legal Alternatives to Piracy

Finally today, a recent study by Consumer Focus in the UK found that some 40% of adults surveyed could not name a single legitimate music downloading service and, of those who could, 95% could only name two, most commonly iTunes and Amazon. Industry reps, however, countered by citing their own, larger survey, which found that awareness of legal alternatives was “almost universal”.


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