DMCA Takedown 101

DMCA Takedown 101 Image

Though many of you might have seen this article last week when it hit the front page of Digg, I wanted to share it with the readers here.

Recently, I penned an article for about the DMCA Notice and Takedown system, including how the law was developed, why it was seen as necessary, and how the system works (including counter-notice).

It’s a very basic primer on the law and how to use it that many readers of this site will probably find too basic, but if you’re interested in a thorough overview of the entire law, the article should suffice. It might also be good to send to friends and family who are a bit confused about the law.

So definitely check out the article and if you have any comments or questions definitely leave them. I’ll be checking there regularly to respond to any questions it might get.

Will return tomorrow with a full update!

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