Announcing the New

Announcing the New Image

After several weeks worth of work, I’m proud to announce the launch of the brand-new is the new home base for the consulting services I offer and serves as a replacement for the old consulting page that was here at Plagiarism Today (the page simply redirects now).

Specifically, there are links to the services that I and those I work with provide. This includes services for content creators, content users, Web hosts, Schools and more.

Some will recall that in August of last year I joined CopyByte as the company’s manager. Vortala, the company’s previous owner, decided to separate CopyByte out to focus more on their core products and I’m taking over as the new owner of the company. However, Vortala is still very close to CopyByte and will remain so for some time.

However, I’m changing CopyByte from a narrowly focused content detection and resolution agency to a full-featured consulting firm that offers a wide variety of services related to copyright and plagiarism issues in the digital world.

The one focus of the agency is practical, realistic advice. We won’t promise to eliminate misuse of your content, to stop all future plagiarism in a school, but rather will focus on effective strategies that can deal with copyright and plagiarism issues without getting mired in many of the pitfalls that can often come with these issues.

Also with the site is a new Twitter account, this one solely for CopyByte. I’ll be using this one primarily for links to industry news and will continue to use my PlagiarismToday account for both personal use and to update to matters as they relate to Plagiarism Today.

On that note, I don’t expect Plagiarism Today will change much, if at all. Since I started working for CopyByte, Plagiarism Today has been exclusively my personal blog and it will continue to be as such. I’ll use the news section on CopyByte for occasional updates about services offered and industry-related news though the bulk of the analysis and news items will still be here.

So, if you’re enjoying Plagiarism Today now, you shouldn’t notice any changes moving forward but those of you who are interested in my consulting services now have a new home page and a wide new selection of services to choose from.

On that note, if you think you might be interested in any of the services I offer, please feel free to check out the new and feel free to contact me through there.

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