3 Count: Not Again

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1: UK Gov Nationalises Orphans and Bans Non-Consensual Photography in Public

First off today, some last-minute changes to the Digital Economy Bill in the UK is drawing the ire of visual artists. A largely overlooked portion of the bill deals with the licensing of orphan works, works for which the copyright holder is unknown, and opens the door to their use so long a licensing fee is paid to an unnamed licensing body. Photographers and visual artists are deeply upset about this but it seems that the bill will now go through unchallenged.

2: NYT reporter Kouwe resigns amid allegations of plagiarism

Next up today, New York Times reporter and blogger Zachery Kouwe has resigned after the editor of the Wall Street Journal sent a letter to the paper expressing concern over some passages in his work. A further sweep of his writing found several more suspect passages and Kouwe resigned at a meeting within the newspaper. Kouwe has said that the plagiarism was unintentional.

3: Aamir Khan Resigns from Copyright Act Panel

Finally today, in India, Bollywood star Aamir Khan has resigned from a government-assembled panel to discuss changes to the country’s copyright act. This comes after, according to media reporters, Khan said that a popular song of his needed his star power to become popular and that, by inference, writers should receive lower royalties. This angered many authors who accused Khan of trying to hurt them.


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