3 Count: Australia Day

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1: EU to Assess Piracy Detection Software

First off today, Privacy International has filed a complaint with the European Commission on the ISP Virgin’s potential use of a deep packet inspection system named CView to detect illegal file sharing. According to the group, such traffic monitoring raises severe piracy concerns and the EC has said they will monitor the use of the program. Tests of the application have been put on hold while the EC investigates.

2: Rapper T.I. Sued For Copyright Infringement

Clifford Harris, also known as the rapper T.I., was recently sued for copyright infringement by rapper Motoe Blizzid, whose real name is Nathan Filby. According to Filby, Harris’ 2006 song “What You Know” lifts heavily from his 2004 song “Reverence”. Filby is seeking all profits from the song and has requested a jury trial.

3: Google Deletes Aboriginal Flag After Copyright Dispute

Finally, the doodle for the Google Australian site celebrating Australia day had to be modified before being used on the site. The artwork, which was drawn by 12-year-old Jessie Du and won a contest for the honors, featured the aboriginal flag, which its designer, Harold Thomas refused to allow the flag to be on Google’s home page without payment, causing Google to remove it.


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