3 Count: Last Saskatchewan Pirate

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1: 12 nations top US list on copyright piracy

First off today, the United States announced its latest “priority list” of nations on copyright and piracy matters. This is a list of countries that the U.S. is most worried about on the intellectual property front and the nations are subject to additional scrutiny as well as possible sanctions.

Though most of the list wasn’t a surprise and included the usual suspects China and Russia, it included at least one new addition that caught many off-guard, Canada.

This is Canada’s first appearance on the list and, according to the administration, is prompted by lacking laws including no anti-circumvention regulations and difficulties with getting ISPs to remove infringing materials.

In addition to the 12 on the priority list, 33 nations were added to a lower level “watch” list including Egypt, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

2: update on Warner Music

Next up, we have an update to the ongoing Lessig/Warner Music situation.

The organization that had posted Lessig’s presentation, which is unnamed in this blog post, had received a notice from YouTube, where the video was hosted that WMG had filed a takedown notice on the talk since it included short sections of various WMG songs.

Today we have word that the group is disputing the claim and seeking the restoration of the presentation.

Indeed this is a predictable move, but an important one nonetheless.

3: Deeeeelicous!!!!

Finally today, the person who may well be the most DMCAed person on the Web, Perez Hilton, appears to have learned at least one thing from his battles with the photo agencies. He has filed a takedown of anti-gay marriage a video featuring him and Carrie Prejean.

The group he filed against, the National Organization for Marriage, has been notoriously aggressive themselves with DMCA notices, filing at least one over a clip made up of snippets of the audition tapes for their now-famous “gathering storm” advertisement.

The NOM ad remains available on their site and contains only a few brief seconds of Hilton, bolstering a fair use case. However, it seems pretty clear these takedowns, on both sides, have less to do with copyright and more to do with politics.

The Joke

For those who didn’t get the joke in the title, check out The Arrogant Worms. A band well worth listening too.


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