Pop Quiz 1: Know Your Google

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In order to keep things interesting here, I’ve decided to start an irregular series dealing with your content, copyright law and all things related. This series, entitled “Pop Quiz” will ask seven questions in a particular area.

For those interested in playing, the goal is simple: To be the first to get all the questions right.

If you want to play, simply leave a comment below with your answers to the questions. I’ll confirm the correct answers as soon as practical. The prize for winning, other than a feeling of lukewarm accomplishent, is a link to your home page in the follow-up post, if desired.

If you’re ready to give it a try, this week’s questions deal specifically with your content in Google and how to control where your content appears in Google.

  1. What are three ways you can request your site be removed from Google search? (Note: This is your own site or a page on it, not an infringer)
  2. What is the email address for the Google DMCA agent? (please only include the part before the @).
  3. What, according to Matt Cutts, is the most effective way to report spam to Google?
  4. What is the name of the Google service that will email you search results as they are picked up by Google?
  5. What is the name of the Google spider, or rather, the name you need to refer to it as when you are trying to block it?
  6. What is the meta tag command to prevent Google from displaying a sample of your content in their results pages?
  7. What search command lets you see approximately how many pages Google has indexed on a site?

Bear in mind that some of these are designed to be brain-dead simple and others are meant to be a bit more challenging. However, all of them are more than easily researched and looked up.

And yes, it is legal to use Google.

I hope you have fun with this and I look forward to your answers!

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