RightsAgent is Down

rightsagentlogo.pngIf you have been using RightsAgent to license your work, previously reported on here, you need to be aware that the site has been down for at least two days and all of the buttons are returning broken images.

I have emailed the owners of the site but all messages have bounced.

RightsAgent was a licensing service based upon CC+ that allowed content creators to license their content both for free and paid credits. Its system connected with Creative Commons licensing, allow the automatic selling and distribution for commercial use when such use was not directly allowed under the license.

As I reported back in July, RightsAgent has been slow to find traction. Though it remains to be seen if this is just an extended temporary outage or an abrupt closure, it is definitely a sign of trouble at the company.

In the meantime, all of the buttons for the service, including the one that was on this site, have stopped working. If you are using the service, I strongly recommend that you remove the button and only consider putting it back should it come back online.

I will report any additional information when I get it.

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