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tumblr-logo.pngOver the past few weeks I have been hard at work fixing and improving things behind the scenes at Plagiarism Today. Some of it has been more subtle and other elements have been more public.

Very quickly though, I wanted to give a rundown as to what is new and improved on the site.

Tumblr Blog Launched

Earlier this week, I started work on a new microblog on Tumblr. It contains interesting links and videos related to content theft and copyright issues and will be updates as often as I find new things to add to it.

This blog will be different from my other microblogging/linkblogging efforts as it will be exclusively limited to dealing with content theft issues and not general copyright law. Where my Linkblog at Diigo focuses on copyright news and my Twitter account is more personal, my Tumblr will be used solely for issues that relate directly to PT, making it a natural addition for anyone who reads this site.

Below is an updated list of all of the sites you can find PT-related content (other than this site) and what you will find there:

  • Friendfeed (Synopsis of all postings, including this site)
  • Twitter (Mostly personal, some news)
  • Tumblr (Links. videos and images related to Plagiarism Today)
  • Diigo (Links related to copyright law, Copyright 2.0 Show)
  • Vimeo, YouTube and Revver (Videos for this site, updated rarely)

New Consulting Services Page

As many of you already know, I provide consulting services on top of the free assistance I provide every day. It has been a while since I have updated the Consulting Services page with new information about myself and what I do, so I’ve gone through and done that.

For those who are interested in my services, please feel free to contact me and take advantage of the special offer I’ve added to the page.

Broken Links Fixed

In addition to the other changes/improvements, I’ve gone through and fixed or removed over 400 broken links on the site.

This was made possible by the Broken Links Checker plugin for WordPress, which made the process very easy and helped me to detect/repair links in all of the posts on the site.

All totaled, the biggest issue by far was mainstream media sites that had pulled old entries down after a period of time. This was very frustrating and has made me hesitant to link to mainstream media articles going forward, instead seeking alternative sources.

Other big issues were sites closing down, blogs changing their permalinks (those links were fixed) and errors on my part (also fixed).

The good news in it all is that, while a decent number of links went away and articles had to be updated, the site should be almost completely broken-link-free now.

Hopefully (if we all take our shoes off at the door), we can keep it that way for a while…


There are more changes coming in the next few weeks, including a few additional pages to the site. new hosting and much more.

So please let me know what you think about these changes or if you see any problems.

Thank you very much for your continued support!

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