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20080201-gdhyi1cprhj3jjrixa946b7hc1.pngBack in January, I wrote a post detailing the reasons why many artists were frustrated with Photobucket and their approach to copyrighted material.

Specifically the post highlighted the lack of a “take down, stay down” system, such as the one Myspace, Photobucket’s parent company, uses and the ability for any user to print any image they see on the site. These two factors were also the subject of a petition against Photobucket, which now has some 6,700 signatures.

Photobucket, for their part, did not respond favorably to this and I was unfortunately forced to drop the matter for a while as other projects came up.

However, after a hiatus on the topic, I’m returning to it, this time with a 9-minute video illustrating one of the issues, namely the problems surrounding the printing system, but this time calling for users of Photobucket (as well as potentially infringed copyright holders) to pay attention to these issues.

The video, entitled “Commercial Printing with Photobucket” is embedded below and details how easy it is to turn any image on the site into a t-shirt, including personal ones, and how it compares to a similar service, namely Flickr.

PhotoBucket: Your Images for Sale from Jonathan Bailey on Vimeo.

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Also, the video is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA license meaning that you are free to copy and share the video as well as create derivative works so long as the new work is licensed under the same terms.

If you wish to express your displeasure to Photobucket about this matter, you can reach them via their contact form. Also, please consider contacting their partner in this process, Qoop, to let them know you disapprove of Photobucket’s policies. You can do so via their contact form and selecting “Photobucket” as the partner involved (You first have to solve the CAPTCHA to go to the form).

On that note, if you wish to upload the video to your account, edit it or otherwise have a copy of it, you can download the original .mov file by visiting here (click the “save” link above the video): Download

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know.

I look forward to your feedback on this video.

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