Yepic to Close Shop

Yepic to Close Shop ImageIn an announcement sent via email to all users, user-generated content site Yepic announced that it was closing its doors effective June 8.

Yepic, previously covered on this site in late 2006, is a site that allows its users to “buy and sell information about anything” and enticed bloggers and other authors to sell premium content through their service.

The email, which was sent by Yepic CEO Richard Tripp, said the following:

“Just an official note that we will be taking the website,, down on June 8, 2008 and will not be re-launching thereafter. If you have any questions, please email me…”

It has been a mixed bag for user-generated content in recent months. Premium user-generated content sites, such as Blogburst and Associated Content, have done well while others, including Yepic and Scoopt Words, have closed down.

Clearly this field is still very unstable but it appears that there is still plenty of interest, with companies such as RightsAgent, from the people originally behind Lisensa, continuing to explore new options.

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