Farked, BoingBoinged and More

Yesterday was a very eventful day for this site. The article about Fark’s Copyright Policy made an appearance on the front page of Fark.com. Shortly after that, it was featured as an update to the BoingBoing article on the subject and even appeared on Wired.com’s Epicenter Blog.

Needless to say, traffic was extremely high yesterday and remains very high today. However, I wanted to welcome all of the new readers of the site and encourage those of you interested in Web-related copyright issues to subscribe to this site’s feed. There will be a lot more coming on these issues, especially as they pertain to social news, very soon.

Second, I would like to thank my host, Media Temple, for keeping this site alive during the storm. I moved to MT after my last host crashed twice under similar burdens, once following a Slashdot, the other following a Digg. MT kept swimming right along, exactly as designed, and hopefully won’t hit me with too much of an overage.

Finally, a thank you also has to go out to everyone who helped with the article, especially Drew Curtis for writing me back so promptly despite his busy schedule.

It was a crazy day yesterday and I’ll be recovering much of the day today. But I am looking forward to returning to my normal schedule this weekend.

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