Housekeeping: BCA Nomination and House Buying

My site was nominated for Best Educational Blog!First off, MacBros was kind enough to nominate this blog for the Blogger’s Choice Awards under the Best Educational Blog category. It is a tremendous honor and, though I don’t really think this site has a serious chance at winning, I wanted to promote the badge as a way of saying thanks for the nomination. It means a lot.

Second, I wanted to warn everyone that posting and email might be a bit erratic this week. The missus and I just had an offer accepted on a house and we are now in the flurry of paperwork and number-crunching phase of home buying. The next week, especially the next few days, will likely be slow for me as much of my free time is spent worrying less about RSS scraping and more about home inspections and flood elevations.

Hopefully I won’t miss a beat and, if I do, things will return to normal soon. Wish me luck as things progress!

Note: I’ve already reported that the error regarding adult content on this site to the Blogger’s Choice Awards admins. Hopefully they’ll remove that tag soon.

Update: For whatever reason, my request to have the adult content badge removed resulted in the entire nomination being cancelled. Ergo, the links do not work and have been removed from this post until I can figure out what happened.

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