Housekeeping: Email Problems

This is just a heads up to everyone that has attempted to email me this past week. I have had some email problems and, as it appears, they were of my own doing.

I recently moved my accounts from a Web-based solution to my host’s IMAP server to help me better separate all of the accounts I have (to reduce confusion). I configured three computers to access the account and, with my email, the outgoing address was misspelled on one of my machines.

This means that some of the people who attempted to write me back received bounced messages saying that the user was unknown. If you received such a message, please resend it but making sure that the part before the @ is jonathan.

It was a simple enough mistake brought on by working far too late into the night. I’ve fixed it, but the old letters will still have the incorrect address. All mail sent to me via the contact form still arrived and only replies were affected.

If you have any further problems emailing me, please let me know. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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