Sentinel Announces Launch Date

Tony Moura, the CEO of Blogwerx, announced today via email that he will be launching his service on January 30th after a very brief private beta.

Sentinel, as many may remember, is an upcoming service that parses RSS feeds and looks for duplicate content on the Web.

The announcement also gave some additional details about the service including:

  • Sentinel will be able to generate and send DMCA notices to hosts of infringing parties. This feature may or may not be free.
  • In addition to the free version, there will be a paid tier system starting at $5 per month. Paid features will include items such as statistical analysis.
  • Beta testing is to start in about two weeks time.
  • When Sentinel formally launches it will be a final release, not a public beta.

All in all, the announcement was very positive and the news quite good from Blogwerx. It will be very interesting to see what the final product is like.


Tags: Content Theft, Copyright, Copyright Infringement, Copyright Law, DMCA, Blogwerx, Sentinel

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