Housekeeping: New Column Idea

One of the greatest joys about working on Plagiarism Today is the wonderful people that I get to meet and work with. I love exchanging ideas and stories with the people that visit here.

However, one idea has come up repeatedly, including three times in recent months, and I’ve decided to put it before a wider audience.

The idea is basically to do a weekly column, likely on Fridays, where I (or a friend of mine if needed) answer a copyright related question submitted by a reader. I’d probably set up a unique email account just for this and would continue to accept all normal questions at my jonathan@ account.

Personally, I’m unsure about how the idea will be received so I want to hear what you think about it. Leave a comment or shoot me an email regarding it.

No matter what though, I would love more feedback on topics and columns you would like to see. There’s a lot going on in the content theft world and knowing what to focus on can be difficult.

In the meantime, I’m eager to hear what you have to say about the column. I’m curious if you think it would work and be worthwhile. Your opinions are very important to me.

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