Content Cop Update

I’ve been talking with the makers of Content Cop over the past week. They’ve informed me that the software is currently in Beta and was not meant for public release.

This came as a surprise to me because the word “Beta” does not appear on the Content Cop, the product is available for purchase and the version number is 2.7, not pre-1.0 as with most Beta products.

Despite that, I want to make it clear that Content Cop is not a finished product according to its creators.

Since the application is for sale, I will not withdraw the past review as it was accurate and reflected my experiences with the product. However, in fairness, I will be updating and following up on it with future articles on this site.

In short, I will continue to follow the development of Content Cop and, once a final version has been released, I will do another review on it then to see how it has improved.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to avoid using Content Cop or, at the very least, use the fifteen day trial to see if the software works for you. Until the bugs and other issues have been resolved, it simply does not work well enough to justify the cost.

Still, I do hope that they are able to get the product working as it is a very interesting idea that could provide a great service to many Webmasters and bloggers.

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