Update: Bitacle’s Insults

A brief update to the recent story about Bitacle’s alleged comment on Sparklepanda’s site.

Sparklepanda got back in touch with me and gave me the information that her Sitemeter collected on the individual that left the comment.

Though the information is far from conclusive, I have to agree with Sparklepanda that it is almost certainly from Bitacle or someone closely involved with the site. The commenter visited Sparklepanda’s blog from a page on Bitacle’s site and the link IP address leads to the same city that is listed in Bitacle’s whois information.

According to Sparklepanda, it was most likely a comment she left on one of the entries that Bitacle scraped from her that got their attention. That seems to match the referring link that the anonymous commenter followed to get to her site.

Finally, in related news, Sparklepanda has followed the footsteps of many others and decided to run with shortened RSS feeds to prevent Bitacle’s scraping. It is certainly an understandable decision and, in her case, it’s one that her readers seem to be tolerant of.

Given the history, it is very easy to see why.

In the end, it appears as if Bitacle has indeed stooped to petty name calling. It’s not a shock, It’s not even disheartening.

However, it is a sign that Bitacle has been getting very frustrated by what has been going on. Maybe, just maybe, that means good news is coming in the future.

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