DMCA From Hell (PDF) and Bitacle Update

Previously, I promised that once I received word from Google regarding my DMCA notice that I would post it (sans sensitive information). I’m making good on that promise now.

The DMCA Notice from Hell (PDF)

You will notice that, in the notice, I have removed all of Bitacle’s links. Since Google can access PDFs, I didn’t want to risk their links being picked up via this letter.

I hope that this helps in some way. If anyone wants to use it as a template for their own they are definitely free to.

Bitacle Update

In other news, I am noticing some strange behavior on the Bitacle site itself. Most of the ads on it are gone.

Visiting an individual page (see screenshot

) no longer displays the deluge of ads (including one banner above and below the content). Now only one ad displays is a block ad next to the comment form (see screenshot).

Whether this has anything to do with my notice or not I do not know. I, like everyone else, will just have to wait and see what Google has to say.

Still, it is very interesting.

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