Micro Persuasion Plagiarized

Micro Persuasion (MP), a major marketing, media and public relations blog that focuses on technology issues, recently reported that it’s RSS feed was being reused without permission by two sites.

This has, in turn, spawned one of the most interesting debates about plagiarism and content theft in recent memory. Steve Rubel, the author of MP linked to many of the other blogs discussing the incident and even more dialog can be found in the comments of the various posts.

I’ll be discussing more about this issue, especially the Creative Commons element of it, which stems from the fact that Rubel’s original license actually permitted the theft. In the meantime though, I wanted to let everyone know that the debate was raging and encourage everyone to read the dialog as it will be coming up later.

This is the type of conversation that makes the plagiarism issue so interesting. I hope the dialog doesn’t stop once these posts fall off of the radar.

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