Gets the Job Done

As continues to become a popular online destination for teens and young adults, it also becomes an increasingly important front on the war against plagiarism and its copyright policy (see number six) increasingly critical to copyright holders.

With features such a blogs, profiles, image hosting, forums and music streaming, Myspace is a bastion of hope for artists of all kinds wanting to get their works out there in a community environment, but also a source of concern for those same artists who don’t want their works stolen.

Luckily, has a very good policy regarding copyright infringement. Though they require DMCA notices, they accept them via email and respond very quickly to them, usually within 24 hours and maintain good contact throughout the process. Plagiarized works are removed without any problems.

In the end,’s process for handling such complaints, though not perfect, is a potential model for other large sites and hopefully will continue. With luck, as I have more experiences with them, they’ll be upgraded to Hero.

Because the only thing really stopping them now is the lack of information available on them,

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