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5 Shortcuts to Finding a DMCA Agent

5 Shortcuts to Finding a DMCA Agent

Shortcut ImageYou’ve found an infringement of your work, you’ve found who the host of the site is and you need to file a DMCA notice with them. However, finding who to send it to can easily be the hardest and most time-consuming part of filing a DMCA notice, especially if you haven’t worked with the host before.

You could either visit the host’s site and start delving through the legal section, including their terms of service, to find the contact information or you could visit the U.S. Copyright Office with their obtuse, incomplete and outdated directory of agents but both approaches are hit and miss and can require a great deal of hand searching.

There has to be a faster way to find the DMCA agent for a host and, thankfully, there are several, but it may require some unconventional methods in to order get the information you need quickly.Continue Reading