Featured Articles: The DMCA

One of the topics that’s come up repeatedly since I started work on Plagiarism Today has been the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The controversial law set forth the requirements for a copyright holder to submit a complaint to a host and get any infringing materials removed.

There have been several critical articles dealing with the DMCA including:

How to Write an Effective DMCA Notice
Study Chronicles DMCA Abuses
The Requirement of a DMCA Notice

These are just some of the articles that can be found in the DMCA category of the site that offer important information on submitting DMCA notices and making sure that they are acted upon.

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  2. [...] a post on your blog outing the plagiarist may be the next move. In extreme cases, you can use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, (DMCA) to compel people to take down seen to be infringing on copyrighted [...]

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