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The Need for DMCA Transparency

Though many understand how the DMCA is designed to function when it comes to removing infringing works, few have any idea what happens after a notice has been submitted. It is time to change that.

Profit from Being Plagiarized

It's a scene that's been played out thousands of times before. A writer, by one means or another, discovers...

The Myth of Poor Man’s Copyright

There are many, many myths people hold about copyright law. However, the most dangerous by far is the myth...

7 Works with Bizarre Copyright Histories

For most creative works, copyright is mundane. However, for a few, copyright is key to the story of their success or failure.

Feedburner Tip: Hide Your Feed

Feedburner is an incredibly useful service. In addition to providing valuable metrics and user data, it also provides some...

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Single Post Template 57 - Romania News PRO Image

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Single Post Template 57 - Romania News PRO Image

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Latest News

Publishers Sue Internet Archive Over National Emergency Library

In March, the Internet Archive launched the National Emergency Library, making millions of copyrighted ebooks free to everyone. Now publishers have responded.

3 Count: Hotel Copyright

Publishers file a lawsuit against the Internet Archive, judge largely upholds Cox verdict and Eagles songwriter testifies about the DMCA.

Rethinking the Balance of the DMCA

The U.S. Copyright Office's report on the DMCA has been met with a lot of criticism. But for all of the anger, the USCO is mostly right.

3 Count: Vulgar in Victory

Judge rules use of song in documentary is a fair use, Apple wins case over Servant and vulgar respondent wins DMCA subpoena battle.

Understanding the U.S. Copyright Office DMCA Report

The US Copyright Office's latest DMCA report has stirred a great deal of controversy. Here is what the report actually says.

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