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3 Count: Wrapping Up

Google/Oracle case goes to the jury, Fox accidentally takes down clips it use in Family Guy and Nintendo targets Super Mario-themed Minecraft videos.

YouTube, Plagiarism and a Maturing Medium

Following the Matthew Santoro plagiarism scandal, many are wondering why YouTube started caring about attribution now. The reasons are good for the site.

3 Count: Unsafe Waters

The Pirate Bay flagged as a deceptive site by Google Safe Browsing, South African court lays out fair dealing test and HBO targets Game of Thrones spoilers.

Update on the Matthew Santoro Plagiarism Scandal

The Matthew Santoro plagiarism scandal keeps getting deeper as Santoro has been making things worse for himself with false attribution and no apologies.

The Matthew Santoro Plagiarism Scandal

YouTuber Matthew Santoro, famous for his list videos, has been accused of plagiarism in several of his videos. What does this mean for Santoro or YouTube?

3 Count: Comic Conned

Fox says it is skipping San Diego Comic Con over piracy concerns, author claims new King Kong film is based on his work and Jim Sterling fools Content ID.

3 Count: Useless Articles

US Trade Representative releases Special 301 report, YouTube announced Content ID improvements and there's no Klingon word for copyright...

3 Count: Textual Dealings

Justin Bieber ordered to be deposed in Somebody to Love case, Nikki Sixx and other musicians target YouTube and Textra SMS sends warnings to pirates.

3 Count: Great Tweet

MPAA wants copies of Megaupload's servers, Justin Bieber's team misses expert witness deadline and Donald Trump fan video removed on copyright grounds.

3 Count: Batmanhandle

Junkin wins YouTube fair use case but settles before jury finished deliberating, MGM sued over Creed and SCOTUS declines to hear Batmobile case.